Profit Maximiser Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to my profit maximiser review. I have now been doing profit maximiser just over three weeks. I have been following the instructions given to me by Mike Cruikshank, which is to try and concentrate mostly on the offers that are given by the bookmakers. In particular I have been opening new accounts and doing the new account offers that come with them. I also have had many reload bonuses already on accounts that I already have opened.

After two weeks I had already managed to open 15 accounts with different bookmakers. I also have two accounts with betting exchanges. At that point in time I was almost £500 up. Over the last week I have had a lot of spare time to put into this. So I have been working very hard and I have managed to almost double the amount I made in the first two weeks, which means I have now made about £1000. This has helped me to take bigger bets because I now have more money in my betting exchange account. This means I should be out to keep on making more money than I was before.

I have to say that this is very good results, it is more than I expected when I started doing this. When you consider that I only spent about £97 to take part in profit maximiser, you can see that I have really done well out of this already. If I keep making money every single week like I am doing now, this could turn into a full-time income. I have already made 10 times what it cost me to buy it in the first place.

It is taking up quite a lot of time, but when I consider the hourly rate that I am making it is very good still. I fully recommend this to anybody who is looking to make an extra income on the side. It is very easy and instructions are very easy to follow. I have seen on the Facebook group that there are many people who are earning a full-time income of over £2000 per month will stop I am hoping that I can do that in the next few weeks.